The Perfect Yard

photo-2We all want the perfect yard – the best one in the neighborhood.  But that comes at a cost – mowing grass, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and planting flowers can be downright exhausting. That is just the physical part, there are also many things to learn like where is the best place to plant a hydrangea, what kind of weed killer to use, or when is the best time to plant a tree. It can be overwhelming and for some people the mulching, aerations, pre-emergents, and patio pavers become to much and they give up and go sit on their couch. Hopefully this blog can help people out of their houses and into the fresh air by giving you some pointers and explaining what to do to your yard and more importantly when to do it. On a weekly basis we will look at what you should be doing to your lawn to make it the best it can be. For instance – we are on the verge of Spring and grass is starting to grow, flowers are showing buds, and temperatures are in the 60s – there are plenty of things to do in the yard this time of year. Things like trimming your flowers back to the ground so the new growth will not be hindered, applying pre-emergent to your lawn to keep crabgrass from emerging in a few months and mulching your display beds to keep weeds from coming up are just a few things we can do to get things moving in the right direction. We will cover everything from grass and tree care, to irrigation schedules that can save money on water, to tree and shrub pruning basics. So get ready to surprise yourself and especially your neighbors by getting your head wrapped around this monster we call landscaping – its not as hard as you think and we are going to prove it this year!!  Tune in every week to see what your lawn needs to be the best it can be and wow your neighbors with your new found knowledge.


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