The Winter Blues

Winter and cold weather are fast approaching but that does not mean that you have to go in your house and start hibernating. There is work to be done in your yard and if you want a landscape that is the envy of the neighborhood you should follow this checklist for a memorable Spring.

First off – in Knoxville we have had one heck of  a drought that has pretty much gone on all year but especially the last three months. Fortunately, we have started to get some much needed rain the last week and there are several ways to take advantage of it. If your lawn looks like mine there are many bare areas and a good way to get a head start on filling these in is to take grass seed and sprinkle a handful in each spot. This grass will not come up now but will work its way into the soil and germinate in the spring when conditions are favorable. For best results break up the soil with a landscaping rake, sprinkle the seed and then cover with some topsoil.

As the leaves continue falling it is important to get these up as soon as possible to prevent them from smothering the healthy grass you have remaining. If you don’t feel like bagging them up or paying someone to pick them up simply blow or rake them into your flower beds and cover them with mulch. This will put needed nutrients in the ground and provide insulation for your perennials through the cold months of winter.

Follow my blog for helpful hints like these to improve your landscape year round. Keeping your property beautiful is a year round endeavor and I am here to help your achieve your goals whatever they might be. A nice bi-product of your hard work in the yard this winter will be the inability of the winter blues to take over your world. So on those balmy days when you can stand to be outside go out there and do some work and reap the benefits of a healthy mind and sound body.